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Screenshots - WhenU/MediaTraffic, LocalPages, Nbcsearch, InfoSpace Covering Advertisers' Sites with Advertisers' Own Google Ads
How Google and Its Partners Inflate Measured Conversion Rates and Increase Advertisers' Costs - Ben Edelman

This page gives screenshots showing on-screen displays as traffic flowed from WhenU through intermediaries and on to Google and finally back to the site I was initially browsing, RCN.com. All testing occurred on May 9, 2009.

See also discussion in main article, as well as a packet log and video.


The Targeted Web Site: RCN

I began browsing at RCN, a popular provider of cable television and high-speed Internet service.


The Initial Popup

I then received a popup from WhenU.


The Final Popup

I clicked the RCN ad and, after a bit of redirect delay, was taken to a double display of RCN, as shown below.