Right Media's Classification of Deceptive Ads
False and Deceptive Display Ads at Yahoo's Right Media - Ben Edelman

This page gives screenshots to accompany False and Deceptive Display Ads at Yahoo's Right Media.

All screenshots were prepared in September 2008 (except where otherwise indicated).


Mimics Windows/Mac/Unix dialog boxes

False expand/minimize/close buttons


False web elements (i.e. pull-down menus, buttons, links)


False error messages


False downloading messages


"You have been chosen to win"


"Free" with NO disclosure language


"Free" with disclosure language


Deceptive or questionably realistic offer

Note: The checkbox for "deceptive or questionably realistic offer" is checked, and the "Active creatives" percentage shows the value resulting from checking this checkbox. However, due to my error, the Media Guard bubble shows the "'Free' with disclosure language" details and example ad, not the "deceptive or questionably realistic offer" details and example.


Base ad acceptance rate if no categories are excluded


Right Media's current (December 2008) ad classifications

Screenshot prepared on December 28, 2008. Notice the change in heading from "Deceptiveness" to "Ambiguous or Unclear Attributes", and notice the elimination of four of the nine deceptive characteristics Right Media previously classified.