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False and Deceptive Display Ads at Yahoo's Right Media - Ben Edelman

This page gives screenshots to accompany False and Deceptive Display Ads at Yahoo's Right Media.


Initial Appearance

Unknown spyware (immaterial to the deceptive ad discussed here) sent my web browser to, a domain parked with parking provider opened the popunder preserved below (shown after activation).


First Landing Page

Note the lack of any on-screen disclosure of the offer's requirements -- only the vague statement "purchase may be required," in text that is smaller than surrounding text (contrary to governing FTC requirements).


Bottom of Landing Page

Note the vague disclosure, e.g. failing to disclose the specific offers or the requirements of each sponsor offer.


XP Add Printer Wizard

The screenshot below is presented for comparison with the Consumergain ad above. Note numerous similarities in format, layout, and color scheme.