Example Double-Popup Targeting: TGW
The Effect of 180solutions on Affiliate Commissions and Merchants - Ben Edelman

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Other Targeted Merchants: Double and Silent Popups

As discussed in Affiliate Code Replacement via Popup "Double" Windows within The Effect of 180solutions on Affiliate Commissions and Merchants, 180 has implemented a system that can set affiliate tracking codes by showing a user a duplicate copy of a merchant's site. These popups set affiliate codes that, in the ordinary course of events, cause 180 to be paid commissions otherwise payable to other affiliates, and cause 180 to be paid commissions even if no commissions would otherwise be paid. For a listing of affected merchants (as of tests of June 2004), see merchants targeted with double windows. See also merchants I previously found to be targeted with silent cookie-stuffing.

This page shows a specific sequence of web page popups and redirects that implement 180's double-popup cookie-stuffing, targeting a request for tgw.com made at approximately 5pm (Eastern) on August 2, 2004. I here present a set of screen-shots made from a video (WMV format, view in full-screen mode) confirming what took place. Since these screen-shots are substantially duplicative with my packet log, I omit the packet log for brevity.

Initial Request to Merchant


Initial Request for Merchant Site TGW.COM

Viewing TGW.COM in an ordinary Internet Explorer web browser, on a computer with 180solutions Zango software installed.

180 Popup


180solutions Zango Software Opens an Extra Window

Extra window is dealsavings.com/golf.htm, which immediately redirects to a LinkShare tracking link. LinkShare tracking link never appears in user's Address Bar, but is listed in web browser's status bar, and can be confirmed using network monitoring tools.

180 Popup Redirects to LinkShare


DealSavings Redirects to LinkShare, Back to TGW.COM

Screen-shot shows TGW processing the affiliate link arrival.

LinkShare Redirects to Merchant


TGW.COM Covered with Its Double Popup and an Extra Popup

Ultimate on-screen display as viewed by users with 180solutions.