Hula's Inqwire Shows Ads Off-Screen, "Below the Fold"
Banner Farms in the Crosshairs - Ben Edelman

This page gives screenshot proof that some Hula ads appear off-screen, "below the fold," on standard 800x600 screens.

The first image below shows the Hula Inqwire site as initially rendered on an ordinary 800x600 screen. The second image shows the Hula Inqwire site with its "super pop-up" closed to reveal the ads below. The final image shows the same Hula Inqwire site scrolled down one on-screen page.

Notice the second 101inks ad, visible only in the final screenshot. This is the ad placement refernced in my initial article ("'below the fold,' off-screen and visible only if a user scrolls down").

All screenshots were prepared on June 23, 2006.


The Hula Inqwire site, as initially shown:


Closing the "super pop-up" to reveal the main Inqwire site below:


Scrolling down one on-screen page: