180solutions / Doll Idol - Installation Screenshots
180solutions's Misleading Installation Methods - Doll Idol - Ben Edelman

All screenshots were captured in January 2006.

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Doll Idol Page - Soliciting Installations of 180solutions Software


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Doll Idol 180 Installation Prompt

Choosing the "click here to begin" or "personalized avatar of the day" links in the prior screenshot yields the screen shown below. Notice that the bottom of the new window is off-screen -- its default appearance on my test PC.


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Doll Idol 180 Installation Prompt - Rearranging Windows

The window shown above, moved so that its 180 disclosure is visible on screen. Note the substance of the disclosure -- failing to disclose that 180's "advertisements" appear in pop-ups; denying certain privacy consequences (i.e. collecting or sharing personal information) but failing to affirmatively disclose actual effects on privacy (tracking and transmitting what web sites users visit)..


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S3 Installation Confirmation

180's subsequent installation confirmation screen. Like the prior screen, this screen fails to affirmatively disclose relevant advertising or privacy consequences. 180's EULA uses a small font, and is squeezed into a hard-to-read window. Note also the absence of an "X" button at upper-right. The checkbox is pre-checked when the screen appears.


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Attempting to Remove 180solutions

180's dialog box, warning, button placement, and button default configuration all discourage users from removing 180 Zango software, even when users specifically express their desire to remove it.