WhenU Advertisements - Printing
Advertisers Using WhenU - Ben Edelman

This page gives advertisements that I placed in the category "Printing." This page gives all such advertisements. See also a briefer listing of one ad per advertiser.

Ads were listed in WhenU's advertisement directory as of June 25, 2004. However, the WhenU advertisement directory can change at any time -- adding new ads or removing existing ads.

Clicking on an ad will generally open that ad in a separate window, allowing interested users to view the ads full-size and to test of what destination URL results from clicking on the ads. However, JavaScript within the ad will often move or resize that window quickly. For best viewing of the ads, disable JavaScript within your web browser.

My thumbnail system is imperfect, and the representations below are intended only as a guide to advertisement contents. Font sizes and shapes may be distorted, advertisements may be cropped or stretched, etc. For ads with animated GIFs or flash animations, my thumbnails generally only show the first frame of the ad, which may not depict the ad's major content. For official reference purposes, see the actual ads as hosted on WhenU's servers, at the URLs listed below.

cpa_happyinks101 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_happyinks101_popup.html

cpa_happyinks102 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_happyinks102_popup.html

cpa_happyinks601 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_happyinks601_popup.html

cpa_happyinks602 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_happyinks602_popup.html

cpa_happyinks603 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_happyinks603_popup.html

cpa_wuprint101 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_wuprint101_popup.html

cpa_wuprint103 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_wuprint103_popup.html

cpa_wuprint601 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_wuprint601_popup.html

cpa_wuprint602 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_wuprint602_popup.html

cpa_wuprint603 - http://www.whenu.com/pop_up/cpa_wuprint603_popup.html