WhenU Installer Privacy Promises - Screen-Shots
WhenU Violates Own Privacy Policy - Ben Edelman

The screen-shots below show three WhenU products that specifically promise not to track, collect, or send users' browsing activity to any server, contrary to WhenU's actual practices.

Highlighting marks the portion of each installer on which WhenU prominently promises not to track, collect or send user browsing activity.

The first screen-shot was prepared on May 20; the second and third, on May 22 (after WhenU changed its main web site Privacy Policy to better describe the actual behavior of WhenU software). All screen-shots use software downloaded from WhenU's products page or from WhenU's getweathercast.com server on the respective dates.

The second and third screen-shots also show the WhenU License Agreement and Privacy Statement scrolled to the pertinent language.