Archives of WhenU Sites Copying Content from Major Publishers
WhenU Spams Google, Breaks Google "No Cloaking" Rules - Ben Edelman

As discussed in Related bad behaviors: Copyright violations and unattributed copying of media publications within WhenU Spams Google, Breaks Google "No Cloaking" Rules, WhenU's cloaking and other web sites included content copied without attributions from major publishers including the New York Times, Financial Times, Marketing News, and c|net This page provides a screenshot of such a page as it stood through May 13.

The page below is what calls "The Aftermath" ( However, it is actually all but the first and last paragraphs of "Court: Pop-ups Burden of Using Net" by Stephanie Olsen, c|net, September 2003. This article is provided without the title, byline, copyright notice, attribution, or statement of license expected on a quote of substantially all of a c|net article.