Galileo-CRS (English Language Access)
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This page is no longer operational. For a replacement, see Matthias Metzger's Availability Tool and the publicbackup availability tool. See also related discussion in FlyerTalk and my listing of airline fare codes.

The remainder of this page is provided purely for archival purposes. provides German access to the Galileo CRS, but many interested users speak and read only English. Guidance from Flyertalk explains the use of the original form in German, and this information allowed me to translate the page into English. The translated version is below. Note, however, that results pages remain in German.

This access to the Galileo CRS is particularly helpful because it shows availability in so-called "fare buckets." For sophisticated travel planners, this detailed availability information can be helpful in obtaining desired fares, specials, or frequent flier promotions. For more information about this data and the circumstances in which it may be helpful, see Flyertalk. Other sources of such data include professional travel agents and the site (when signed in using "Advanced" mode).

  Origin Airport  
  Destination Airport  
  Airline (2-letter code) AA BA CO CX DL NW UA US (optional) (see code list)  
  Class (F,A,J,C,Y,etc.) (optional)  

Update: This system is also available in a framed interface for easy retrieval of availability on multiple flights, airlines, dates, etc. (Thanks to FT'er Plato90s for this suggestion.) In the past, there was also a similar interface available for Japanese data from a different instance of the Galileo CRS, provided by, but this system ceased operation in September 2003.

Known problems & suggested resolutions


Beginning on October 31, 2003 and continuing for an unknown period, this site was unoperational because disabled the primary Galileo system accessed by this site. Available alternatives for use as backups:

I offer this page as a service to the interested Internet travel community. If a representative of Aeroplan notifies me that they consider this page to be unauthorized, I will promptly reconsider my posting of this page.

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Last updated: February 14, 2005
Ben Edelman