Typosquatting Online Appendix - Most Popular Websites
Tyler Moore & Benjamin Edelman - Web Appendix to Measuring the Perpetrators and Funders of Typosquatting

This page details selected popular sites that are highly targeted by typosquatting.

We found the listed typosquatting domains using the search process detailed in Measuring the Perpetrators and Funders of Typosquatting. We built automated systems to classify the revenue sources of each typosquatting domain, as detailed in section 3. All data was collected in July 2009.

Popular site # Typo domains # of typo domains used for
PPC ads Affiliate marketing
Typo domains (with observed use): ddictingames.com (PPC ad), addictinggameds.com (PPC ad), addicninggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), additiggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), adidtinggames.com (PPC ad), addicetinggames.com (PPC ad), acdditinggames.com (PPC ad), addciinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), audictinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictingtogames.com (PPC ad), addictininggames.com (PPC ad), addickinggams.com (PPC ad), adichinggames.com (PPC ad), addicitingggames.com (PPC ad), adadictinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addcitnggames.com (PPC ad), adicctinggames.com (PPC ad), wwwaddictinggames.com (PPC ad), adictinggamws.com (PPC ad), addictionggames.com (PPC ad), adaddictinggames.com (PPC ad), wwaddictinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictingamess.com (PPC ad), laddictinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictingsgames.com (PPC ad), addcitniggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictidgames.com (PPC ad), adictinggaems.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), adicetinggames.com (PPC ad), addictinggamwa.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addicitinggamesd.com (PPC ad), addicfinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addicatinggmes.com (PPC ad), addictinggzmes.com (PPC ad), addictinghames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), additionggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictinggamrd.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), additicggames.com (PPC ad), addictinggamens.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addcitcinggames.com (PPC ad), addictinggamesn.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addciting-games.com (PPC ad), addictinggamis.com (PPC ad), addiktinggams.com (PPC ad), addictinggmea.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), adddcitinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), adictniggames.com (PPC ad), addictictgames.com (PPC ad), adiciinggames.com (PPC ad), addictinggamz.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), additnggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addtictinggame.com (PPC ad), addictiinggams.com (PPC ad), atictinggames.com (PPC ad), adidctingames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictifgames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), idictinggames.com (PPC ad), addictedinggames.com (PPC ad), addicdnggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addtichinggames.com (PPC ad), addictinggamres.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictiggame.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addiktiggames.com (PPC ad - Google), wwwadicktinggames.com (PPC ad), addictongames.com (PPC ad), addicginggames.com (PPC ad), addicftinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictiomgames.com (PPC ad), addictinhgames.com (PPC ad), addicteninggames.com (PPC ad), addicdiggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addetinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addicitinggsmes.com (PPC ad), addictinggameis.com (PPC ad), addicateinggames.com (PPC ad), aqddictinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictingggames.com (PPC ad), addikttinggames.com (PPC ad), addicing-games.com (PPC ad), addicytinggames.com (PPC ad), addibtinggames.com (PPC ad), adtitinggames.com (PPC ad), addictinddames.com (PPC ad), addictyinggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addictinggamesc.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addicttinggame.com (PPC ad), addictingmaes.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), additkinggames.com (PPC ad), addicitnggsmes.com (PPC ad), adaictinggames.com (PPC ad), addcitinggmes.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), addicticegames.com (PPC ad), addictineggames.com (PPC ad), addidcitinggames.com (PPC ad), additniggames.com (PPC ad), addicntinggames.com (PPC ad), adictingames.com (PPC ad), addictaggames.com (PPC ad), addictiogames.com (PPC ad), adductunggames.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), and 975 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): adob.com (PPC ad), sadobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adobee.com (PPC ad), adobne.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adovbe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adpobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), ado0be.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), awobe.com (PPC ad), adoibe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adonbe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), ad0be.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adobr.com (PPC ad), adfobe.com (PPC ad - Google), adobde.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), qdobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), adlobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), qadobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), aodbe.com (PPC ad - Google), adobd.com (PPC ad), zdobe.com (redirect to competing domain - fastexercise.com), and 847 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): adultfriendfineder.com (affiliate), adultufriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adulttfreindfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfirendfider.com (PPC ad), adultfrinfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfrlendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultriendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfriendfindtr.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfreindffinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultrriendfinders.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfindedr.com (PPC ad), adultfroendfinder.com (PPC ad - Google), adultfriendfrider.com (PPC ad), adultfr9iendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), dultfreindfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriendfifnder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriendfibnder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), aduiltfriendfinders.com (PPC ad), adultfrienfider.com (redirect to competing domain - asiafriendfinder.com), adultfr8endfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfindere.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfrienbdfinder.com (PPC ad), aduitfriendfinder.com (affiliate), adultfrifendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfreindfinfer.com (PPC ad), atultfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adeultfriendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adulytfriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriendfirder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adaltfrendfinder.com (PPC ad), asultfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adulyfriendfinders.com (PPC ad), adulzfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfiknder.com (affiliate), adultfirendfinders.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfinider.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), ad8ultfriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfrieddfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendffinder.com (PPC ad), audultfrienffinder.com (PPC ad), adultfirendfindes.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), audultfriedfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendgfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfiendfinde.com (PPC ad), adultfriehndfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriendfindrr.com (PPC ad), adultfrientdfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), wwwadultfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfrinedinder.com (PPC ad), advltfriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), asdultfriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adulufriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfrend-finder.com (PPC ad), adultfrrindfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfrienfiner.com (PPC ad), adulltfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriedndfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriendfinedrs.com (PPC ad), adultfriejdfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - asiafriendfinder.com), adultfriendfindler.com (PPC ad), adultftirndfinder.com (PPC ad), aduktfriendfinders.com (PPC ad), adultfreindfiinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adeltfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfreindfidner.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adjultfriendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - asiafriendfinder.com), afultfreindfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adulftriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), xadultfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adaultfrindfinder.com (PPC ad), adul5tfriendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfriendffnder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com, asiafriendfinder.com), adulgtfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), dultfrienfinder.com (PPC ad), adutlfreindfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), aldultfreindfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriewndfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfinde.com (PPC ad), audultfrindfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfribndfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultgriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultifreindfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfdinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfruendfinders.com (PPC ad), adultfriendfindeder.com (PPC ad), adul6friendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfrienderfinder.com (PPC ad), aduitfreindfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfriedsfinder.com (PPC ad), adultfretndfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfrierndfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adulfriendfinde.com (PPC ad), adultofriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), wwwadultriendfinders.com (PPC ad), adul-friendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), audaltfriendfinder.com (PPC ad), adultgfriendfinder.com (affiliate (or defensive registration)), adultfrieidfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), adultfreindeinder.com (PPC ad), adultfr4iendfinder.com (redirect to competing domain - friendfinderinc.com), and 939 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): alibama.com (PPC ad), lalbaba.com (PPC ad), ailbaba.com (PPC ad), alibabbas.com (PPC ad), al-baba.com (PPC ad), ailbabba.com (PPC ad), alifbaa.com (PPC ad), aligaga.com (PPC ad), wwwallibaba.com (PPC ad - Google), allibabba.com (PPC ad), alibana.com (PPC ad), wwwsaibaba.com (PPC ad), liababa.com (PPC ad), a1ibaba.com (PPC ad), alibabaq.com (PPC ad), akibaba.com (PPC ad), albiaba.com (PPC ad - Google), alibeba.com (PPC ad - Google), albawba.com (PPC ad), alilibaba.com (PPC ad), alibabac.com (PPC ad), 3alibaba.com (PPC ad), laibab.com (PPC ad), labiaba.com (PPC ad), alibiaba.com (PPC ad), salibaba.com (PPC ad), albwba.com (PPC ad), aliaga.com (PPC ad), alibavba.com (PPC ad - Google), alibabacom.com (PPC ad - Google), szalibaba.com (PPC ad), aliibaba.com (PPC ad - Google), ealibaba.com (PPC ad), adibaba.com (PPC ad), aqlibaba.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), albaa.com (PPC ad), zalibaba.com (PPC ad), alinaa.com (PPC ad), alibabna.com (PPC ad), alibada.com (PPC ad), and 679 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): aliaaa.com (PPC ad), linama.com (PPC ad), asiama.com (PPC ad), aljmaa.com (PPC ad), amimama.com (PPC ad), alimmaa.com (PPC ad - Google), alolama.com (PPC ad), aliman.com (PPC ad), liamma.com (PPC ad), alinaa.com (PPC ad), laimama.com (PPC ad - Google), ailimama.com (PPC ad - Google), allmamas.com (PPC ad), lmama.com (PPC ad), alibama.com (PPC ad), alnama.com (PPC ad), calimama.com (PPC ad - Google), pimama.com (PPC ad), aslimaza.com (PPC ad), wwwlilmama.com (PPC ad), almama.com (PPC ad), alimaj.com (PPC ad), and 565 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): andwers.com (PPC ad), anwzers.com (PPC ad), answrrs.com (PPC ad), wanswer.com (PPC ad), answewrs.com (PPC ad), anserws.com (PPC ad), anzwerz.com (PPC ad), asnswers.com (PPC ad - Google), wnswers.com (PPC ad), answear.com (PPC ad), answersac.com (PPC ad), ansewer.com (PPC ad), ansaers.com (PPC ad), answewr.com (PPC ad), answars.com (PPC ad), awers.com (PPC ad), answeres.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), answers1.com (PPC ad), andswers.com (PPC ad), answares.com (PPC ad), anssers.com (PPC ad), answersqa.com (PPC ad), answerscom.com (PPC ad), answwer.com (PPC ad), anaswers.com (PPC ad - Google), anwwers.com (PPC ad - Google), anzwere.com (PPC ad), answerse.com (PPC ad), nswers.com (PPC ad), amnswers.com (PPC ad), awnsers.com (PPC ad), answersd.com (PPC ad), anseers.com (PPC ad), anewer.com (PPC ad), answeras.com (PPC ad), awswer.com (PPC ad), andswer.com (PPC ad), sanswer.com (PPC ad), ahswers.com (PPC ad), answe.com (PPC ad), answerws.com (PPC ad), answerc.com (PPC ad), answeers.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), ansera.com (PPC ad), answar.com (PPC ad), aswer.com (PPC ad), amwers.com (PPC ad), awnswers.com (PPC ad), anses.com (PPC ad), answersc.com (PPC ad), answdrs.com (PPC ad), ansawers.com (PPC ad), ansewres.com (PPC ad), asweres.com (PPC ad), and 490 more typo domains.
Typo domains (with observed use): bablog.com (PPC ad), babulon.com (PPC ad - Yahoo), bybylon.com (PPC ad), baylog.com (PPC ad), babyloom.com (PPC ad), babblo.com (PPC ad), babon.com (PPC ad), babytop.com (PPC ad), babykon.com (PPC ad), babyoon.com (PPC ad), babelon.com (PPC ad), babyllon.com (PPC ad), wwwwbabylon.com (PPC ad), naylon.com (PPC ad), bayion.com (PPC ad), babylok.com (PPC ad), fablon.com (PPC ad), abulon.com (PPC ad), babyok.com (PPC ad), babylino.com (PPC ad), babtlon.com (PPC ad), baylo.com (PPC ad), bablylon.com (PPC ad), fabulon.com (PPC ad), babylong.com (PPC ad), and 602 more typo domains.
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