Hotbar Advertising - Screenshots
Hotbar Installs via Banner Ads at Kids Sites - Ben Edelman

All screenshots were captured in May 2005. See also screenshots of Hotbar installation methods.

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Toolbar Ads

The screenshot below shows a representative Hotbar toolbar advertisement. These advertisements are shown in Macromedia Flash, typically with looping animation.


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Sidebar Ads

More Hotbar advertising: A sidebar that appeared, unrequested, as I browsed the web.


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Pop-Up Ads

More Hotbar advertising: A popup advertisement that appeared as I browsed the web. Note that the pop-up is just an ordinary advertisement -- not an actual message, notwithstanding its "... has sent you a message" text.


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Windows Explorer and Desktop Icons

More Hotbar advertising: Addition of toolbars to ordinary Windows Explorer windows (for viewing local files and folders). Note also new desktop icons added by Hotbar.