Hotbar Installs via Banner Ads at Kids Sites - Installation Screenshots
Hotbar Installs via Banner Ads at Kids Sites - Ben Edelman

All screenshots were captured in May 2005. See also screenshots of Hotbar advertisements once installed.

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Banner Ad

The Hotbar advertising software is promoted via a banner ad (at bottom right) on this kids site, Note the various kids games present elsewhere on the site. Note wording mentioning that the site is "for children" in the title bar (top) and "for kids" in the What's New text (center).


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Installation Prompt

The result of clicking on the Hotbar ad in the preceding screenshot.


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Hotbar License - Page 1

The result of clicking on the license link in the preceding screen.


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Hotbar License - Advertising Disclosure

The result of scrolling to approximately page 19 of the license. The disclosures in the license window fall within a heading labeled "Licensee's acknowledgments relating to information and content." The "Click here" text on the sixth visible line of the license is not an operational link, and the preceding URL yields the not-found error shown at bottom left.


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Installation Confirmation Prompt

The installation screen shown if users click Yes on the preceding security warning. Note that no "Cancel" button is provided, nor is there an "X" in the upper-right corner. Typical users will perceive that their only choices are to pay for the paid version, or to accept advertisements. No on-screen text gives any specific description of the nature, placement, freqeuncy, or intrusiveness of the resulting advertisements.