Ongoing Zango Installations with No Disclosure Whatsoever
Zango Practices Violating Zango's Recent Settlement with the FTC - Ben Edelman

This page shows steps in a still-operational Zango installation sequence. This sequence places Zango software onto a user's computer without any disclosure whatsoever -- without the word "Zango" once appearing on screen. All screenshots were prepared on July 4, 2007.

See also a video showing the nonconsensual installation of Zango software.

Further discussion of these practices.


MSN-Emotions Site


MSN-Emotions Download Screen - scrolling down to the download link


File Download Prompt


The Resulting ZIP File and Installer

Running the “Adder.exe” program within this ZIP immediately places Zango advertising software onto a users' computer. In no on-screen text is Zango mentioned by name or even by its general effects.