Zango Displays Unlabeled Ads - Toolbars, Desktop Icons, and Pop-Ups
Zango Practices Violating Zango's Recent Settlement with the FTC - Ben Edelman

This page shows several examples of Zango ads that lack the labeling and hyperlinks required under Zango's settlement with the FTC. Discussion of these obligations and Zango's practices.



Zango Toolbar Still Displays Unlabeled Ads

The Zango toolbar continues to show many unlabeled ads even seven months after I specifically flagged this issue. The screenshot below shows one example; Each of the rounded bubbles is a direct link to an advertiser -- a company offering credit cards, financial services, etc.

This screenshot was prepared on July 10, 2007.


Zango Hotbar Software Places Unlabeled Desktop Icons

Some Zango software, including Zango's Hotbar software, adds icons to users' Desktops. The two icons in the second column, captioned "Find and Fix Errors" and Repair Your Registry," are both ads: They promote third-party software, not Zango itself. Yet these icons lack the labeling required under Zango's settlement with the FTC. Discussion.

This screenshot was prepared on July 26, 2007.


Zango Displays Ads without On-Screen Labeling and without On-Screen X to Close

In testing of February 6, 2007, Zango delivered the large Registry Cleaner ad shown below. The ad appeared without any on-screen labeling of the ad's origin, and without any on-screen indication of the fact that the ad came from Zango. The ad appeared with its upper-right corner off-screen making it impossible to close the ad via the standard Windows procedure of clicking the upper-right X button. See video proof of what occurred. Further discussion.


Manual Movement of the Ad to Confirm It Came from Zango

Dragging the Zango pop-up window fully onto the screen, I confirmed that this ad was indeed delivered by Zango. See the screenshot below.