Zango Still Displays Ads for Bogus Sites that Attempt to Defraud Users
Zango Practices Violating Zango's Recent Settlement with the FTC - Ben Edelman

Widespread Zango pop-up ads promote programs that attempt to defraud users including by making false claims, and by charging for software that is actually free, among other practices. This screenshot shows two such examples, both received on July 5, 2007. Discussion of these practices.


Zango Promoting Click-to-download

Zango opens a popup of Click-to-download, which charges users $19.95 or more to download Skype. But Skype is actually free software, available without charge from


Zango Promoting Registry Defender

Zango opens a popup of Registrydefender, which falsely claims to be "scanning [the] registry" when it is actually doing no such thing. On the basis of this supposed scan and its suppose findings, Registry Defender tries to sell users its software.