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Please enter the date, origin, destination, and flight number of a Delta Air Lines flight. Press View Seat Data, and you can see the flight's availability of seat assignments. Data is thanks to

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This system uses a publicly-available interface on the web site to obtain current seat availability on Delta Air Lines flights. I determined the parameters of this interface solely by inspecting publicly-available HTML source code, and I believe Delta Air Lines has no reasonable basis to oppose the use of the system here. All the usual disclaimers apply -- I'm certainly not a Delta Air Lines employee or representative; these pages are only as accurate as the content on; I made this system initially only for my own convenience, and I offer it to the Internet community purely to enhance collective enjoyment of Delta Air Lines' service.

Known anomalies: 1) Disregard the stated time at origin and destination as well as the stated date at destination. 2) I'm still working on some way to automatically properly scroll the Business/First cabin maps, but IE's security model actually explicitly prohibits Javascript scrolling for IFRAMEs retrieved from different hosts than their parent pages, preventing the obvious approaches here. 3) Other anomalies? Send trouble reports to the address below.

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Thanks to all the Flyertalk users who suggested improvements and debugged existing features. A special thanks to Scott Rankin for JavaScript tips and to Miro for flight schedule extraction tips.