BargainBuddy Merchants
Advertisers Supporting eXact Advertising - Ben Edelman

My hands-on testingand my analysis of eXact BargainBuddy configuration files indicate that the merchants listed below participate in eXact's BargainBuddy program. See analysis of eXact's interactions with affiliate programs.

All data is as of March 2005.

Summary of participating merchants by affiliate network:

Affiliate networkNumber of participating merchants
Commission Junction949
Commission Junction (BFAST)194
Other / independent43

Details of specific participating merchants:

Merhant name / domainAffiliate network
00inkjets.comCommission Junction
1 Click Condoms - 1clickcondoms.comCommission Junction
1 Stop Florists - 1stopflorists.comCommission Junction
11th Hour Vacations - 11thhourvacations.comCommission Junction
123 Copy DVD - Junction
123Inkjets.comCommission Junction
123lasertoner - 123lasertoner.comCommission Junction
123Posters.comCommission Junction
1-800 AUTO YES - 1800autoyes.comCommission Junction
1-800-FLORALS - 800florals.comCommission Junction
1-800-GOT-JUNK - 1800gotjunk.comLinkShare - Junction (BFAST)
1-800-Patches -
1-800-PetMedsLinkShare - 1800therose.comLinkShare
1StopAuto.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
21 Success Secrets- FREE CD - briantracy.comCommission Junction
2Blockheads.comCommission Junction
39dollarglasses.comCommission Junction
3balls Golf - 3balls.comLinkShare
4 All Memory - 4allmemory.comLinkShare
411inkjets - 411inkjets.comCommission Junction - forinsurance.comCommission Junction
4YourPrinter.comCommission Junction
A and A Resume - aandaresume.comCommission Junction
A Trendy Home - atrendyhome.comCommission Junction
A&E Designs Classic Apparel - buycoolshirts.comCommission Junction
A&E Television Networks and The History Channel Li - store.aetv.comPerformics
A1 Wireless - a1wireless.comLinkShare
A1Books - www.a1books.comCommission Junction premium affiliate program - .a2zdeals.comCommission Junction
AAA Balloons - aaaballoons.comCommission Junction
AAA Fruit Baskets - aaafruitbaskets.comCommission Junction
Aaron's Baby Baskets - aaronsbabybaskets.comCommission Junction
AARP Auto Insurance - thehartford.comCommission Junction
ABaby.comCommission Junction
ABC Holiday Extras - Junction Junction
Abebooks.comCommission Junction
ABirdsWorld.comCommission Junction
abound - Junction
AbsoluteHome - absolutehome.comCommission Junction
Abt Electronics - abtelectronics.comCommission Junction
AC Lens - aclens.comCommission Junction
Academic Superstore - academicsuperstore.comCommission Junction
Access Diabetic - diabetesstore.comOther / independent
AccuQuote - accuquotelife.comOther / independent
ACDSee - acdsystems.comCommission Junction
Ace Hardware - .acehardware.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Aces High WWII Interactive Game - hitechcreations.comCommission Junction
ACT! - www.act.comCommission Junction
Activa Sports - activasports.comPerformics
Adaptive Marketing - membershipme.comCommission Junction
Additions Direct - Junction
adidas America - adidas.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
ADT - www.adt.comPerformics
Advance Response - broxo.comLinkShare
Advanced Comfort Inc. - abed.comLinkShare
Advanced Network Hosting - advancednetworkhosts.comCommission Junction
Advanta - advanta.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Advantage Superstore - store.advantage123.comCommission Junction
ADVFN - advfn.comCommission Junction
Air France - airfrance.usCommission Junction (BFAST)
AKA Gourmet - akagourmet.comLinkShare
Aladdin Affiliates - aladdinsys.comCommission Junction
Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air - alaskaair.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
AlexBlake.comCommission Junction
Alibris - alibris.comLinkShare
Alienware - alienware.comCommission Junction
alight.comCommission Junction
All Together Leather - aleather.comCommission Junction
All Wake - allwake.comPerformics
AllAboardToys.comCommission Junction
allbrands.comCommission Junction
AllBusiness.comCommission Junction
AllDorm Inc. - alldorm.comCommission Junction
alle' Fine Jewelry - allejewelry.comLinkShare
Allergy Be Gone - allergybegone.comCommission Junction
AllergyBuyersClub.comCommission Junction
AllergySavers.comCommission Junction
AllHeart.comCommission Junction - Junction
all-hotels - all-hotels.comCommission Junction
alliedschools.comAftrk Associate Program - all-ink.comCommission Junction - store.alloy.comLinkShare
Allrecipes - shop.allrecipes.comCommission Junction
allsat.comCommission Junction
Allsop - allsop.comCommission Junction
AllWineBaskets - allwinebaskets.comCommission Junction
Allworth Press - allworth.comCommission Junction
Allyoucanink - allyoucanink.comCommission Junction
Almond Plaza - almondplaza.comLinkShare
Alpha Omega Publications - new.aop.comCommission Junction
alsto.comCommission Junction
altrec.comCommission Junction
amateurmatch.comOther / independent
Amazing Clubs - amazingclubs.comCommission Junction
Amen Wardy Home - amenwardy.comCommission Junction
American Blooms - americanblooms.comLinkShare
American Dental Labs - Teeth White - shinywhites.comAftrk
American Incorporators - Junction
American Stationery - americanstationery.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
americanapparelstore.comCommission Junction
americansingles.comOther / independent
americashealthcareplan.comCommission Junction
amerisave.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
analyzemycareer.comCommission Junction
animalden.comCommission Junction
Annie's Attic - Junction
Anonymizer - Junction
Answer Financial - answerfinancial.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
AOL - - hosting.aplus.netCommission Junction
apollohosting.comCommission Junction
Apple iTunes -
AppleStore -
Applian Technologies - applian.comCommission Junction
Aquarelle - aquarelle.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
AreYouGame.comCommission Junction Junction
ArkivMusic - arkivmusic.comCommission Junction
Aroma Boutique - aromaboutique.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
artinaclick.comCommission Junction
ArtprintCollection.comCommission Junction
Aruba - domains.aruba.itTradeDoubler
ASAP Checks Forms and Supplies - asapchecks.comCommission Junction
Ashford.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Ashro - ashro.comPerformics
asiafriendfinder.comOther / independent
askdrtech.comCommission Junction
asontv.comCommission Junction
Astrocenter.comCommission Junction - Junction
Atlanta Falcons - store.atlantafalcons.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Atlas Pen & Pencil Corporation - atlaspen.comLinkShare
Auditionsshoes.comCommission Junction
Auntie's Beads and Aunt Petie's - auntiesbeads.comLinkShare
autoanything.comCommission Junction
Autodesk Store - estore.autodesk.comCommission Junction
autosportcatalog.comPerformics -
Avon - avon.comLinkShare
Axiom Home Theater - axiomaudio.comLinkShare
B.A. Mason - bamason.comCommission Junction
Baazee.comCommission Junction
Babies Online - babiesonline.comCommission Junction
BabyAge.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
BabyBazaar.comCommission Junction
babybeddingtown.comCommission Junction
BabyCenter - store.babycenter.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
BabyUniverse - babyuniverse.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
backinthesaddle.comCommission Junction
Bag Borrow Or Steal - bagborroworsteal.comLinkShare
Bally Total Fitness - ballystore.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Barbecues.comCommission Junction
Bargain Network Homes - Junction
Bargain Network Motors - Junction
Bargain Outfitters - bargainoutfitters.comPerformics
bargaincrazy.comCommission Junction
bargainfurniture.netCommission Junction
Barnes and Noble - cart2.barnesandnoble.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
bartswatersports.comCommission Junction
Bass Pro Shops - Junction (BFAST)
Bath-and-Body.comCommission Junction
Bathrobesonline.comCommission Junction
Bayberry Gifts - bayberrygifts.comCommission Junction
Be Recruited - berecruited.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Beachbody - beachbody.comLinkShare
BeanDate.comCommission Junction
Becker Surfboards - beckersurf.comCommission Junction
Bedford Fair Lifestyles - bedfordfair.comLinkShare
BellSouth - Junction
beRecruited.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Best Foreign Parts - bestforeignparts.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
bestart.comCommission Junction
BestBuy.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
bestdealmagazines.comCommission Junction
BestRate - bestrate.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
BetHiLo - bethilo.comCommission Junction
bettercables.comCommission Junction
bevmo.comCommission Junction
Big Bus Company - Tours - Junction
Big Girl's Bras etcetera - biggerbras.comCommission Junction
bigdogs.comCommission Junction
bigfitness.netCommission Junction
biggerbooks.comCommission Junction Corporation - bigzoo.comLinkShare
bikebandit.comCommission Junction
Billboard Dating (Lovers2) - Junction
Billboard Dating (Out2Date) - Junction
Binoculars.comCommission Junction
Biotherm - biotherm-usa.comPerformics
bissell.comCommission Junction
Bizhosting.comCommission Junction
BizMove.comCommission Junction
bizpresenter.corbis.comCommission Junction
Blackwelder's Furniture - blackwelders.homefurnish.comLinkShare
BLADES board and skate - .blades.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Blinds Wholesale - blindswholesale.comLinkShare
Blockbuster Online - blockbuster.comPerformics
bloomingbulb.comCommission Junction
Blooms USA - bloomsusa.comLinkShare
Blue Dolphin Group - bluedolphin.comLinkShare
Blue Host - bluehost.comCommission Junction
Bluedomino.comCommission Junction
Bluefly.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
BMG Direct - Junction (BFAST)
BoatersWorld.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
BocaJava - bocajava.comOther / independent
Boden - bodenusa.comLinkShare
Body By Jake - bodybyjake.increaseyourhealth.comOther / independent
Body Forum Shop - bodyforumshop.comLinkShare
Body Shape - / independent
Bodybuilding-Qfac - www.qfac.comCommission Junction
bodycandy.comCommission Junction
Bodyjewelry.comCommission Junction
bodytrends.comCommission Junction
Boingo Wireless Inc. - boingo.comLinkShare
Boldchat - boldchat.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Bonsai Boy of New York - bonsaiboy.comCommission Junction
Bookbyte.comCommission Junction
bookcloseouts.comCommission Junction
Booksamillion - booksamillion.comCommission Junction
Boot Barn - bootbarn.comCommission Junction
BootBay.comCommission Junction
Borland - shop.borland.comCommission Junction
Boscov's - boscovs.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Bose Canada - bose.caPerformics
Bosley - bosley.comAftrk
Botanic Choice - botanicchoice.comLinkShare
Boys Stuff - Junction
Brainbench - brainbench.comCommission Junction
Breck's - brecks.comPerformics
BriteSmile - britesmile.comLinkShare
British Airways - britishairways.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
British Airways Flights - britishairways.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Broderbund.comCommission Junction
Brooks Brothers - brooksbrothers.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Brookstone - Junction
BTb-line - btb-line.comCommission Junction
builderspot.comCommission Junction
Business-in-a-Box - envision-sbs.comLinkShare
Buy - buy.comLinkShare
Buy Sell Tix - buyselltix.comCommission Junction
buycostumes.comCommission Junction
BUYnSHOP - buynshop.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Cables To Go - cablestogo.comLinkShare
CallawayGolfPreowned - store.callawaygolfpreowned.orgCommission Junction
callingcards.comCommission Junction
CallWave - callwave.comCommission Junction
Cambridge SoundWorks - cambridgesoundworks.comLinkShare
CameraWorld - cameraworld.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Camping World - campingworld.comLinkShare
CampusDirt - campusdirt.comCommission Junction
Canadiantire - Junction (BFAST)
candlebay.comCommission Junction
Candlemart.comCommission Junction
candlesjustonline.comCommission Junction
Capital One Auto Finance - capitaloneautofinance.comCommission Junction
Carabella Corporation - carabella.comLinkShare
Carbout - carbout.comAftrk
Carcostcanada - Junction
CarCredit.comCommission Junction
cardoffers.comCommission Junction
CareerXpress.comCommission Junction
CARFAX - secure.carfax.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Carleton Sheets - carletonsheets.comLinkShare
Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Country) - countryinns.comLinkShare
Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Park Inn) - parkinn.comLinkShare
Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Park Plaza) - parkplaza.comLinkShare
Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Radisson) - radisson.comLinkShare
Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Regent) - regenthotels.comLinkShare
Carrot Ink - carrotink.comLinkShare
cars.comCommission Junction
CarToys - cartoys.comCommission Junction
Carwatch UK - carwatchuk.comCommission Junction
Cash Advance Now - cashadvancenow.comCommission Junction
cashadvanceman.comCommission Junction
cashadvancenetwork.comCommission Junction
Cashflow Center - cashflowcenter.comCommission Junction
Catalog City - catalogcity.comPerformics - www.catalog.comCommission Junction
Catherines - catherines.charmingshoppes.comLinkShare
Catholic Match - catholicmatch.comOther / independent
caviaretc.comCommission Junction
celebrationfantastic.comCommission Junction
cellphoneshop.netCommission Junction
CellularFactory - cellularfactory.comLinkShare
cellulite-treatment-panties.comCommission Junction
Century Incorporated - centuryfitness.comCommission Junction
Certified Wireless Network Professional - www.cwne.comCommission Junction
Chadwicks - chadwicks.comPerformics
ChampionCatalog.comLinkShare Diet - changeone.comLinkShare
Charles Keath Fine Home Decor - charleskeath.comCommission Junction
Charles Tyrwhitt - ctshirts.comLinkShare
CheapAirlines.comCommission Junction
cheaperthandirt.comCommission Junction
checkmyfile.comCommission Junction
CHEFS - chefs.comPerformics
Chief Supply - chiefsupply.comCommission Junction
Children's Christian Videos Games and Software - guidinglightvideo.comCommission Junction - Junction
Choice for you - Junction
chooseadegree.comCommission Junction
Circuit City - circuitcity.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Citibank Banking UK Partner Program - Junction
Citizens Cash Advance - citizenscashadvance.comCommission Junction
CityModa - Junction
Citysports - citysports.comCommission Junction (BFAST) Junction
cleanair4life.comCommission Junction
cleanfilms.comCommission Junction - Junction
Clotilde Sewing Notions - Junction
ClubMac - clubmac.comCommission Junction
clubsofamerica.comCommission Junction Junction
coffeeam.comCommission Junction
CoffeeCup Software - coffeecup.comCommission Junction
CoffeeForLess.comCommission Junction
Collections Etc. - collectionsetc.comLinkShare
Collectors' Choice Music - ccmusic.comLinkShare
CollegiateMall.comCommission Junction
Colorful Images - colorfulimages.comLinkShare
Columbia - columbiahouse.comLinkShare
Comcast.comCommission Junction
CompactAppliance.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Complete Do it Yourself U.S. Immigration Visa Kits - Junction
CompleteTax - completetax.comCommission Junction
CompUSA - compusa.comPerformics
Computer Associates - Junction
Computer Show - computer-show.comCommission Junction
ComputerGeeks - compgeeks.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Computers4SURE - computers4sure.comLinkShare
condosavers.netCommission Junction
Confoti - confoti.comLinkShare
Constructive Playthings - constplay.comPerformics - auto.consumerguide.comCommission Junction
ConsumerInfo.comCommission Junction
Contact Lenses Store - contactlensesstore.comCommission Junction
Container Store - containerstore.comPerformics
contentwatch.comCommission Junction
cooking.comCommission Junction
co-op2u.comCommission Junction
Corel - store.corel.comLinkShare
CosmeticMall.comCommission Junction
costumeman - costumemen.comCommission Junction
Countdown Creations - countdown-creations.comCommission Junction
Country Door -
Country Wide Healthcare Plans - cwhcp.comAftrk
Coupon Clearinghouse - mycouponclearinghouse.comCommission Junction - cowardshoe.comLinkShare
CrazyApe.comCommission Junction
Create Card - Junction
Credit Card Processing with Electronic Transfer - electronictransfer.comCommission Junction
Credit Repair - creditrapair.comCommission Junction
CreditAxis - creditaxis.comCommission Junction
CreditReporting.comCommission Junction
Cricket Communications - Junction
Critics' Choice Video - ccvideo.comLinkShare
Cross .com - Junction (BFAST)
Crossings - crossings.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
crosstoy.comCommission Junction
CrucialTechnology - crucial.comCommission Junction
CruiseDirect - cruisedirect.comCommission Junction
Cuban Crafters Cigars - cubancrafters.comLinkShare
Cuddledown - cuddledown.comLinkShare
Cupid Junction - cupidjunction.comCommission Junction
Curb Your Cravings - curbyourcravings.comOther / independent
Cure My Snoring - curemysnoring.comOther / independent
cutepcs.comCommission Junction
Cyberguys! - cyberguys.comLinkShare
CyberLink - cyberlink.comCommission Junction
CyberScrub Software - buy.cyberscrub.comCommission Junction
czjewelry.comCommission Junction
Dale and Thoams Popcorn - daleandthomaspopcorn.comLinkShare
Dangerous Curves Swimwear - dcswimwear.comOther / independent
Danita's Designer Handbag Boutique - Junction
Dan's Chocolates - danschocolates.comCommission Junction
datematch.comOther / independent
David's Cookies - davidscookies.comLinkShare
davincisvault.comCommission Junction
Day-Timer - daytimer.comPerformics
Deckers Outdoor Corp. - UGG Australia - uggaustralia.comCommission Junction
dELiAs*cOm -
Dell Affiliates - Denmark - content/default.aspx?c=dk&l=da&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell Affiliates - Norway - content/default.aspx?c=no&l=no&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell Affiliates - Sweeden - content/default.aspx?c=se&l=sv&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell AT - content/default.aspx?c=at&l=de&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell DE - content/default.aspx?c=de&l=de&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell ES - content/default.aspx?c=eu&l=en&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell FR - content/default.aspx?c=fr&l=fr&s=genTradeDoubler
Dell Home Systems - dell.comLinkShare
Dell IT - content/default.aspx?c=it&l=it&s=genTradeDoubler
Delta Air Lines - delta.comLinkShare
Denise Austin Fit Forever - Junction
Dentalplans.comCommission Junction
Denver Broncos Store - store.denverbroncos.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Designer Linens Outlet - designerlinensoutlet.comCommission Junction
DesignerShoes - designershoes.comCommission Junction - Programa de Afiliados - decolar.comCommission Junction
DiabetesStore - diabetesstore.comCommission Junction
dialaclutch.comCommission Junction
Diamonds International - welcometoourworld.comLinkShare
DiamondSafe.comCommission Junction
Dick Blick Art Materials - dickblick.comCommission Junction
Dick's Sporting Goods - dickssportinggoods.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - dietbycory.comCommission Junction
DietPower - dietpower.comCommission Junction
digiportal.comCommission Junction
Digital Scout - digitalscout.comCommission Junction
Dinette - dinette.comCommission Junction
Dinn Bros. Trophies - store.dinntrophy.comCommission Junction
DinoPhonics - dinophonicsreading.comAftrk
DirectGardening Affiliate Program - directgardening.comCommission Junction
DirectlyHome - directlyhome.comCommission Junction
DIRECTV - directv.comLinkShare
Dirt Devil - dirtdevil.comLinkShare
Discount & International Domains at RegistryWeb - registryweb.comCommission Junction
discount contact lenses - discountcontactlenses.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Discount Designer Menswear - menswear-discounts.comCommission Junction
discountcontactlenses.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Discount-Domain.comCommission Junction
Discovery Channel Store - shopping.discovery.comCommission Junction
Dishes\ - dishesdecorandmore.comLinkShare
DivX.comCommission Junction
Dog's Health - dogshealth.comCommission Junction
Domain-Maniac.comCommission Junction
Domestications - domestications.comLinkShare
dot.FMCommission Junction
Dot5 Hosting - dot5hosting.comCommission Junction
Dotster Domain Registration - dotster.comCommission Junction
Dr. Leonards - drleonards.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Draper's and Damon's - drapers.comLinkShare
Dream Shape - / independent
Dreamtime Baby - Junction -
Driving Comfort - drivingcomfort.comPerformics
DrJays.comCommission Junction
DSL-Warehouse -
Duncraft - duncraft.comPerformics
Dunhams Sports - dunhamssports.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Dutch Gardens - dutchgardens.comLinkShare
dynadirect.comCommission Junction
dynagifts.comCommission Junction
E*TRADE Mortgage - lending.etrade.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
E.T. Wright - etwright.comCommission Junction
Eagle Computer - saveateagle.comCommission Junction
eAngler.comCommission Junction
Early Learning Centre - Junction
Eastbay - eastbay.comLinkShare
Easy CGI Web Hosting - easycgi.comCommission Junction
EasyMoney - easymoneycreditcard.comCommission Junction
eBags - ebags.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
eBatts.comCommission Junction
eBay Australia - Junction
eBay China - Junction - pages.benl.ebay.beCommission Junction Junction - es.ebay.comCommission Junction
eBay.nlCommission Junction
eBayCanada - ebay.caCommission Junction
eBlocs - Junction - us.ebooks.comCommission Junction
ecampus.comCommission Junction
Economy Travel - economytravel.comCommission Junction
E-CorporateGifts.comCommission Junction
eCOST.comCommission Junction
Edwin Watts Golf - edwinwatts.comPerformics
Efootwear.comCommission Junction
eGadgets - egadgets.comCommission Junction
E-HairLoss - e-hair-loss.comCommission Junction
eharmony.comCommission Junction
eInvite.comCommission Junction
Electronic Appraiser - electronicappraiser.comCommission Junction
eLeisurelink.comCommission Junction
Elite Titles - Junction
EmailMyResume.comCommission Junction
Employment911.comCommission Junction - Junction
EnglishHall.comCommission Junction
Entertainment Earth - entertainmentearth.comCommission Junction
Entertainment Publications - Junction (BFAST)
Equifax - Junction (BFAST)
eQwip.comCommission Junction
e-Resume.netCommission Junction
eSalton - esalton.comLinkShare
ESPN - Junction
ESPRIT - espritshop.comCommission Junction
essentialapparel.comCommission Junction - Junction
eSticker - Junction
esurance.comCommission Junction
e-term - eterm.comAftrk
eToys - etoys.comLinkShare
Etronics - etronics.comCommission Junction - Junction
Euroffice - - eurovacations.comCommission Junction
everbank.comPerformics - controlcenter.everyone.netCommission Junction
Everything Elementary - everythingelementary.comCommission Junction
eWatches - ewatches.comCommission Junction
Excel Airways - www.xl.comCommission Junction
ExOfficio - exofficio.comPerformics
Exotic Dance Lessons - exoticdancelessons.comCommission Junction
Exotic Gardens - exoticgardens.comCommission Junction Junction
Expertsatellite.comCommission Junction
eyeglasses.comCommission Junction
Eziba - eziba.comLinkShare - thebirthdaygame.comCommission Junction
ez-weightloss.comCommission Junction - Junction
Fabulous Furs - fabulousfurs.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Family Christian Stores - familychristian.comCommission Junction
Family Crests and Coat of Arms - lastname.comCommission Junction
Fandango - Junction
Fannie May Candies - fanniemay.comPerformics
FansEdge.comCommission Junction
Fashion Bug - fashionbug.comLinkShare
Fast Floors - fastfloors.comLinkShare
FastWeb Free Scholarship Search - Junction
Federal Money Retriever - grantsfederal.comCommission Junction
Femail Creations - femailcreations.comCommission Junction
Fidelity - fidelitycenters.comCommission Junction
Field & Trek - fieldandtrek.comTradeDoubler
filipinofriendfinder.comOther / independent
Film - filmmovement.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Financial Lifeline - financiallifeline.comCommission Junction - Junction PLUS Loan - Junction
FindMyInsurance.comCommission Junction
findromance.comOther / independent
FineJewelers.comCommission Junction
Fingerhut - fingerhut.comLinkShare
Fishing Only - fishingonly.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Flax art & design - flaxart.comPerformics
flowerdelivery.comCommission Junction
flowerfarm.comCommission Junction
Flowers Across America - flowersacrossamerica.comCommission Junction
Flowers Fast - flowersfast.comCommission Junction
Flowers Sent Today - bloomsusa.comLinkShare
flowerswhisper.comCommission Junction
flybe - flybe.comCommission Junction
Flying Noodle - flyingnoodle.comCommission Junction
Fogdog.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Folica Beauty Supply - folica.comCommission Junction
Fonts.comCommission Junction store - Junction
ForclosureFreeSearch - foreclosurefreesearch.comCommission Junction
FordDirect - forddirect.comLinkShare
ForeclosureNet - foreclosurenet.netCommission Junction
Forexmentor - forexmentor.comCommission Junction
ForSaleByOwner.comCommission Junction
Forzieri.comLinkShare Europe - eu.forzieri.comCommission Junction
Fossil - fossil.comPerformics
Fox Rent A Car - foxrentacar.comCommission Junction
FragranceNetLinkShare - Junction
Frame Place - frameplace.comCommission Junction
FramesDirect.comCommission Junction
Franklin Mint - franklinmint.comLinkShare - shopping.franklincovey.comCommission Junction
Frederick's of Hollywood - fredericks.comLinkShare
Free Car Directory - freecardirectory.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
FREE RESUME Critique - bakosgroup.comCommission Junction
FreeBingoRoom.comOther / independent
FreeCarDirectory.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
FreeCartridges.comCommission Junction
FreeCreditProfile.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
FreeHomePage.comOther / independent
Freelance Work Exchange - freelanceworkexchange.comCommission Junction
Fresh Cartons - freshcartons.comOther / independent
Freshpair - freshpair.comCommission Junction
frogg toggs - froggtoggs.comCommission Junction
From You Flowers - fromyouflowers.comLinkShare
Frontline Phonics - frontlinephonics.comCommission Junction
FUGAWI - fugawi.comCommission Junction
Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation -
Fuller Brush Company - www.fullerdirect.comLinkShare
Furniture Domain - thefurnituredomain.comCommission Junction
Furniture Online - furnitureonline.comLinkShare
fusemail.comCommission Junction
FusionBot - Site-Search ASP - fusionbot.comCommission Junction
G and J USA Publishing - fitnessmagazine.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Gadget Universe - gadgetuniverse.comCommission Junction Inc - gaiam.comLinkShare
GameAccount - gameaccount.comCommission Junction
Gamefest.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - Junction
Gamerang - gamerang.comLinkShare
gamestop.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
gap - Junction (BFAST)
Gardeners Eden - gardenerseden.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Gardener's Supply Company - gardeners.comLinkShare
Gardens Alive - gardensalive.comPerformics
Gart Sports - gartsports.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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Gateway - gateway.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Gay - Junction
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Genealogy - genealogy.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
genetree.comCommission Junction
GetConnected.comCommission Junction
Get-Paid-for-Surveys.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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Giardinelli Music - giardinelli.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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Ginny's Catalog -
Gioie.itCommission Junction Gift Certificates - giveanything.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
gleamingwhitesmile.comOther / independent
glimpse.comCommission Junction
globalindustrial.comCommission Junction
GoCollect.comCommission Junction
Golden Spur Casino - goldenspurcasino.comOther / independent
GoldenMine.comCommission Junction
Goldfish Credit card - goldfishcreditcards.comCommission Junction
Goldspeed.comCommission Junction
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golfcard.comCommission Junction - bestvaluegolf.comCommission Junction
Golfsmith Affiliate Program - golfsmith.comCommission Junction
GoodGuys - goodguys.comPerformics
Goodhealth Worldwide - goodhealthworldwide.comCommission Junction
GoodOrient.comCommission Junction
Gopromos.comCommission Junction
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Gorton's Fresh Seafood - gortonsfreshseafood.comCommission Junction
Gospel - shop2.gospelcom.netCommission Junction
GoToMyPC - gotomypc.comCommission Junction
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Government Liquidation - govliquidation.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
goZing Survey Networks - gozingcellular.comCommission Junction
GPlay.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Grand Canyon Tour Company - grandcanyontourcompany.comCommission Junction
Grand Pointe - grandpointe.comPerformics
GrassRoots Communications Live - www.web.grclive.comCommission Junction
Graveyardmall.comCommission Junction
Great American Products - greatamericanproducts.comLinkShare
GreatBuyUSA - greatbuyusa.comPerformics
Greekgear - greekgear.comCommission Junction
Greenfingers - greenfingers.comTradeDoubler
gtahotels.comCommission Junction
Guaranteed Loans and Credit Cards - abacusmortgageloans.comCommission Junction
GUILD.comCommission Junction
Guitar Trader - guitartrader.comCommission Junction
Gurney's - gurneys.comPerformics
GuruNet - gurunet.comCommission Junction
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Half Price Computer Books - halfpricecomputerbooks.comCommission Junction
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HamiltonAction.comCommission Junction
Hammacher Schlemmer - hammacher.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
HansonEllis - hansonellis.comCommission Junction
Hat World Lids - lids.comCommission Junction
HC Muscle - hcmuscle.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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Heavenly Treasures - heavenlytreasures.comCommission Junction
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Hemera - imageexpress.comCommission Junction
Henry & June Lingerie - henryandjune.comCommission Junction
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Hotelopia - Junction
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Hotelpronto - hotelpronto.comCommission Junction - Junction
HotMat - hotmat.comCommission Junction
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HotResumes.comCommission Junction
hottopic.comCommission Junction
Hotwire - hotwire.comLinkShare
House of Projectors - houseofprojectors.comCommission Junction
Household Credit Services - householdbank.comCommission Junction
householdauto.comCommission Junction
Houseplans.comCommission Junction
HoustonTexans - store.houstontexans.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
HP Shopping - shopping.hp.comPerformics
HP Shopping - hp.comPerformics
HRBlock - Junction
Hudson Reed - hudsonreed.comLinkShare
I Copy DVDs 2 - icopydvds2.comCommission Junction -
Iced Out Gear - icedoutgear.comCommission Junction
IceJerseys.comCommission Junction
iCella.comCommission Junction
iClassics - iclassics.comCommission Junction
iConnectHere - iconnecthere.comCommission Junction
iDine - rewardsnetwork.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Ignatius Press - ignatius.comCommission Junction
iKobo Money Transfer - ikobo.comCommission Junction
iMaternity - imaternity.comCommission Junction
ImmuneSupport.comCommission Junction
Import Parts Bin - speedycarparts.comCommission Junction
IncrediMail - incredimail.comCommission Junction
Index - Junction
indianfriendfinder.comOther / independent
Indigo Books & Music - chapters.indigo.caPerformics
iNest Realty Inc - internest.comLinkShare
infinityhost.comCommission Junction
ING DIRECT - Junction
Ink Blvd - inkblvd.comCommission Junction
Ink4Art.comCommission Junction - .inkjets.comCommission Junction
inklineglobal.comAftrk - .inksell.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
InMotion Hosting - inmotionhosting.comCommission Junction
Inner-Self - inner-self.comLinkShare
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InsanitySauce.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Instawares - instawares.comCommission Junction
InstrumentPro.comCommission Junction
Intelius - find.intelius.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Interland Hosting Solutions - interland.comCommission Junction
International Jock - internationaljock.comLinkShare
International Star Registry - starregistry.comLinkShare
International Wine Cellars - internationalwine.comLinkShare
Internet Florist - iflorist.comLinkShare
Internet Payday - internetpayday.comCommission Junction
InterVideo - intervideo.comCommission Junction
Intrade - intrade.comCommission Junction
Iomega Corporation - iomega.comLinkShare
iPage - ipage.comCommission Junction
iPowerWeb - ipowerweb.comCommission Junction - 101.iprint.comCommission Junction
irock! Digital Audio - myirock.comCommission Junction
Irv's Luggage Warehouse - www.irvs.comCommission Junction
Isabella - isabellacatalog.comPerformics
Iscom - iscard.comCommission Junction
IslandSurf.comCommission Junction
Italian Charm Bracelets - charms.jkent.comCommission Junction Affiliate Program - itcfonts.comCommission Junction
ITT Technical Institute - itt-tech.eduAftrk
iUniverse - iuniverse.comLinkShare
J&R Computer/Music World - www.jr.comLinkShare
Jamster.comCommission Junction
JC Whitney - jcwhitney.comPerformics
JDate - Junction
JEGEM.comCommission Junction
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Jessica London - jessicalondon.comPerformics
Jevene - Junction
Jewellery.tvCommission Junction
Jewelry Television - acntv.comCommission Junction
JewelryImpressions.comCommission Junction
JewelryWeb.comCommission Junction
JiggerBug - jiggerbug.comCommission Junction - Junction
Jigsaw Puzzles Are The Name Of The Game! - compozapuzzle.comCommission Junction
joann.comCommission Junction - www.job.comCommission Junction
Joe Muscle - joemuscle.comCommission Junction
John and Sara's Funtapes - funtapes.comCommission Junction
John Wiley & Sons - customer.wiley.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Johnston & Murphy - johnstonmurphy.comPerformics
Joi Internet - joiinternet.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Jordan MarieBanners - jordanmarie.comLinkShare
Jos. A Bank - josbank.comPerformics
Jostens - shop.jostens.comCommission Junction
JourneyEd.comCommission Junction
Journeys - journeys.comPerformics
JourneysKidz - journeyskidz.comPerformics
jumpline.comCommission Junction
Junonia Plus Size Activewear - junonia.comCommission Junction - Junction - orchid.justflowers.comCommission Junction
KaBloom - kabloom.comLinkShare
Kalmbach Publishing - Junction
Kalyx.comCommission Junction
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KarateDepot Martial Arts Supply Catalog - karatedepot.comCommission Junction
Kaspersky Lab Affiliate Program - Junction
Kays - Junction
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KeepMedia - keepmedia.comCommission Junction
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Kenneth Cole Productions - kennethcole.comLinkShare
King Size Direct - kingsizedirect.comPerformics
Kingston Connection - Junction
Kiss My Face - kissmyface.comCommission Junction
Kitchen Collection - kitchencollection.comCommission Junction
Kleptomaniac.comCommission Junction
Kohl's - kohls.comPerformics
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Laithwaites - Junction
Lanc?me - lancome-usa.comPerformics
Lane Bryant - lanebryant.charmingshoppesLinkShare
Lane Bryant Catalog - lanebryantcatalog.comPerformics
Lastminute.comCommission Junction
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Leaps and Bounds - leapsandboundscatalog.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Left Behind Prophecy - t-shirtking.comCommission Junction
LegalZoom.comCommission Junction
LendingTree - lendingtree.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Lensmart - .lensmart.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Lensway -
Lerner Catalog - lernercatalog.comPerformics - Junction
Lew Magram - lew-magram.comLinkShare
Lexington Law Firm - lexingtonlaw.comCommission Junction
Life Answers - life-answers.comCommission Junction
Life Extensions Foundation Buyer's Club - lef.orgCommission Junction (BFAST)
Life's A Trip - lifesatrip.comCommission Junction
lifescript.comCommission Junction
Lift Visage - lift-visage.comCommission Junction
Lighting Showplace - lightingshowplace.comLinkShare
Lillian Vernon Online - lillianvernon.comLinkShare
Limoges Jewelry - limogesjewelry.comLinkShare
Linens 'n Things - www.lnt.comPerformics
Linguaphone - Junction
LinksManager.comCommission Junction
lipenhancer.increaseyourhealth.comOther / independent
Liquidation.comCommission Junction
Littlewoods Home Shopping - littlewoods-online.comCommission Junction
Littlewoods Index - Junction
Live365 - Junction
Liz Claiborne - lizclaiborne.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Lizell Office Furniture - lizell.comPerformics
Lloyds TSB Car & Home Insurance - Junction
LoanApp.comCommission Junction
LoanWeb.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Lobster Gram - livelob.comCommission Junction
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Love Scent Pheromone - love-scent.comCommission Junction
LowerMyBills - Junction
Lowestfare - lowestfare.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
LuckyLotto - luckylotto.comAftrk
Luminescence/SpaBeauty - luminescencecatalog.comLinkShare
Lunarpages.comCommission Junction
LX Direct - lxdirect.comCommission Junction
Madamechic - store.metroluxury.netCommission Junction
Made in Firenze - madeinfirenze.itCommission Junction
Madison Avenue Mall - madisonavemall.comLinkShare
Magazania.comCommission Junction
MagazineCity - ccgdata.comCommission Junction
Magazines of America - magazinesofamerica.comCommission Junction
MagazineWorm - magazineworm.comCommission Junction
Magellan's - magellans.comPerformics
Magic Cabin - magiccabin.comLinkShare
Maidenform - maidenform.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Mailordercomics.comCommission Junction
MailPass - mailpass.comCommission Junction
Makeup.comCommission Junction - Junction
Marketscore - marketscore.comCommission Junction
Marks and Spencer Online Store - marksandspencer.comCommission Junction
Marshall Ward - Junction
Martha's Flowers -
Maryland Square - marylandsquare.comPerformics
masseyscredit.comCommission Junction
Master Replicas - masterreplicas.comCommission Junction - Junction
Matchmaker - Junction (BFAST)
maxstudio.comCommission Junction
MC Sport - mcsports.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
McAfee Security - mcafee.comLinkShare
md Formulations - mdformulations.comCommission Junction
Mega Domains - megaclutch.comCommission Junction
Mega - megainkjets.comLinkShare
MegaFitness - megafitness.comCommission Junction - store.metroluxury.netCommission Junction - mexsuper.comCommission Junction Junction
MGM MIRAGE (Beau Rivage) - beaurivage.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Bellagio) - bellagio.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Boardwalk) - boardwalklv.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Buffalo Bill's) - Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (MGM Grand) - mgmgrand.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Mirage) - themirage.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Primm Valley) - Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Treasure Island) - treasureisland.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
MGM MIRAGE (Whiskey Pete's) - Junction (BFAST)
Michigan Bulb - michiganbulb.comPerformics
Microsoft - Junction (BFAST)
Midnight Velvet -
midPhase Hosting - midphase.comCommission Junction
Milepost4.comCommission Junction
Miles Kimball - mileskimball.comPerformics
Miles4Sale - miles4sale.comCommission Junction - Junction
Millionbuy.comCommission Junction
Mingles.comCommission Junction
MiniTots - minitots.comCommission Junction
miracleburn.comOther / independent
Mirra - Automatic Backup System - mirra.comCommission Junction
Mission Orchards - missionorchards.comLinkShare
MisterArt.comCommission Junction
Mixonic - mixonic.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - Junction
Modell's Sporting Goods - modells.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - Junction
modernrugs.comCommission Junction
MomsWIN - momswin.comAftrk
MonitorsDirect - shop.monitorsdirect.comCommission Junction
Monroe and Main - - Junction
Monticello - Junction
Moonpig - moonpig.comCommission Junction
Morgan Mint - morganmint.comLinkShare
Morpheus Digital Photo Animation - morpheussoftware.netCommission Junction
Mortgage101.comOther / independent
MortgageSelect - mortgageselect.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Mothercare - mothercare.comCommission Junction
MotherNature.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Mothers Work - motherhood.comLinkShare
Motherwear - motherwear.comCommission Junction - motorcycle-superstore.comLinkShare
MountainBoardShop.ComCommission Junction
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Moveout.comCommission Junction
Movielink - movielink.comLinkShare
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Mr. Beer - Junction
Mrs. Beasley's - mrsbeasleys.comPerformics
Mrs. Fields Gifts - mrsfields.comLinkShare
MuscleSurf.comCommission Junction
music123 - music123.comLinkShare
MusicMatch - Junction
MusicSpace - musicspace.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Mvelopes Personal - Junction
MVP.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
My Home Equity - myhomeequity.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
myAutoloan - myautoloan.comCommission Junction
myFICO - myfico.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - join.myfree.comCommission Junction
MyInks.comCommission Junction
Mypaydayloan.comCommission Junction - Junction
Name Change Kit - kitbiz.comCommission Junction
Napster - napster.comCommission Junction
NASCAR - store.nascar.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
National Bike Registry - natlbike.comLinkShare
National Business Furniture - nationalbusinessfurniture.comLinkShare
National - nationalcontractors.comCommission Junction
National Pay Day Loan - nationalpaydayloan.comCommission Junction
National Payday - nationalpayday.comCommission Junction
National Pet Pharmacy - nationalpetpharmacy.comPerformics
NationalGeographic online store - shop.nationalgeographic.comCommission Junction
NaturalAreaRugs.comCommission Junction
NBAF Magazine Subscriptions - Junction
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neighborhoodscout.comCommission Junction
Net Nanny Gold - store.netnanny.comCommission Junction
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NetMoneyWizard - netmoneywizard.comCommission Junction
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Netscape ISP - register.isp.netscape.comCommission Junction
NetworkSolutions - networksolutions.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
NetworkSolutions (2) - netsol.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
New Routine - newroutine.comLinkShare
New York New York - nynyhotelcasino.comCommission Junction (BFAST) Junction
NewCastle Brown Ale E-store - store.newcastlebrown.comCommission Junction
Nexiderm - nexiderm.comCommission Junction
Nextel - nextel.comPerformics
NextStudent - nextstudent.comCommission Junction
NGC Golf - ngcgolf.comCommission Junction
Nickelodeon - shop.nickjr.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
NickelTalk - nickeltalk.comOther / independent
Nightingale-Conant Corporation - nightingale.comLinkShare
Nirvana Chocolates - nirvanachocolates.comPerformics
Nisim International - nisim.comCommission Junction
nitro-pak.comCommission Junction
Nokia - nokiausa.comLinkShare
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ntl:Freedom - ntlfreedom.comCommission Junction
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NutriCounter.comCommission Junction
Nutristyle Weight Loss - nutristyle.comCommission Junction
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Office Designs - officedesigns.comCommission Junction
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OfficeMax Canada -
Ofoto - ofoto.comCommission Junction
Old Pueblo Traders - oldpueblotraders.comLinkShare
OlympiaSports - olympiasports.netCommission Junction (BFAST)
Omaha Steaks - omahasteaks.comLinkShare
Omni Casino - omnicasino.comCommission Junction
One Minute Millionaire - oneminutemillionaire.comCommission Junction
One Step Ahead - onestepahead.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
One.Tel - Junction
OneChoice Wireless - onechoice.comCommission Junction
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Orange Glo - greatcleaners.comLinkShare
Oreck - oreck.comPerformics
Oregon Knife Shop - oregonknifeshop.comCommission Junction
Oriental Trading Co - orientaltrading.comLinkShare
Origins.netCommission Junction
Orvis - orvis.comCommission Junction
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Razor Magazine - razormagazine.comCommission Junction
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RolloverMarket - rollovermarket.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Romance Link - romancelink.comOther / independent
Romance Pros - romancepros.comAftrk
RomanceHer.comCommission Junction
Rooms To Go - roomstogo.comCommission Junction
Rooms To Go Kids - roomstogokids.comCommission Junction
ROOTS Direct - roots-direct.comLinkShare
Rosetta Stone - rosettastone.comCommission Junction
Roxio - roxio.comCommission Junction
Royal Robbins - royalrobbins.comCommission Junction
Rugman.comCommission Junction
RUGS EXPRESS - rugsexpress.comCommission Junction
RugsUSA.comCommission Junction
Russell Athletics - russellathleticmerchandise.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
S&S worldwide - ssww.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sahalie by Early Winters - sahalie.comPerformics
Samsonite - samsonitecompanystores.comPerformics
San Diego Chargers Store - store.chargers.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sandals & Beaches Resorts - beaches.comCommission Junction
Santa Mail - santamail.orgCommission Junction
savilerowco.comCommission Junction
SBC Communications - Junction (BFAST)
ScanSoft Affiliate - scansoft.comCommission Junction
Scholarship Experts - scholarshipexperts.comCommission Junction
Scholastic Store - shop.scholastic.comLinkShare
Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats - seaeagle.comCommission Junction
SeaBear Smokehouse - seabear.comLinkShare
Sears Home Center - searshomecenter.comPerformics
Sears Room For Kids - searsroomforkids.comPerformics
Sears ShowPlace - searsshowplace.comPerformics
secondact.bizCommission Junction
SelectiveHealthPlans.comOther / independent
Selectlenders.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Selfhelpworks - selfhelpworks.comCommission Junction
SenecasTrading Post - senecas.comCommission Junction -
Seraderm Wrinkle Cream - / independent
Serenity Mood Stabilizers - findserenitynow.comOther / independent
SerenityHealth - serenityhealth.comCommission Junction
ServiceMagic - servicemagic.comLinkShare
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Sharper Image - sharperimage.comLinkShare
Sharper Image Espa?ol - sharperimageespanol.comCommission Junction
Shearson Mortgage - shearsonmortgage.comCommission Junction
SHECOOLHECOOL.comCommission Junction
shindigz.comCommission Junction
Shiny Whites - shinywhites.comOther / independent - Junction
Shoeline.comCommission Junction
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shoesavenue.comCommission Junction
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shop.Hitmenow.comCommission Junction FanBuzz - shop.nhl.comCommission Junction
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Simply Whispers - Junction
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SIRIUS Satellite Radio - sirius.comCommission Junction
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Ski and Snowboard House - skiandsnowboardhouse.comCommission Junction
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Snapfish - Junction
SnoopyStore.comCommission Junction
Snowshack - snowshack.comCommission Junction
soccervault.comCommission Junction
Socrates Media LLC - socrates.comCommission Junction
SOFT SURROUNDINGS - softsurroundings.comCommission Junction
SoftMoc Internet Shoe Shop - softmoc.comCommission Junction
Software Nirvana - softwarenirvana.comCommission Junction
Software Oasis - softwareoasis.netCommission Junction
Software Store - softwarestore.comCommission Junction
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SolidConverter - solidpdf.comCommission Junction
Solutions Catalog - solutionscatalog.comPerformics
songs4worship - songs4worship.comLinkShare
Sony - sonystyle.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Soulmatch - soulmatch.comCommission Junction
Soundview Executive Book Summaries - summary.comCommission Junction
South Beach Diet - southbeachdiet.comCommission Junction
SpaWish.comCommission Junction
Special Delights - specialdelights.comLinkShare
Spice of Life Coffee & Tea - bestcoffeebymail.comCommission Junction
Spilsbury - spilsbury.comPerformics - sport-e.comCommission Junction
Sportbet.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sportchalet.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sporting Index - sportingindex.comCommission Junction
Sporting News - commerce.sportingnews.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sportingbet Partners Programme - sportingbet.comCommission Junction
Sportingbet.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - Junction (BFAST)
SportMart - sportmart.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sports Basement - sportsbasement.comCommission Junction
Sports Careers - sportscareers.comCommission Junction
Sports Jewelry Super Store - jewelryboxonline.comCommission Junction
Sports Section - sportssection.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Sportsman's Guide - sportsmansguidePerformics
Sportstation.comCommission Junction
Spreadshirt US - spreadshirt.comCommission Junction
Spring Hill - springhillnursery.comPerformics
Springhill Nursery - springhillnursery.comCommission Junction
St Andrews Golf Apparel and Gifts - standrewsgolfuk.comCommission Junction
StacksandStacks - stacksandstacks.comCommission Junction
Stamps.comCommission Junction - Junction (BFAST)
Starry Night - starrynight.comCommission Junction
Starstruck - starstruck.comLinkShare
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StartSampling.comLinkShare - shop.starwars.comCommission Junction
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Steve Madden - stevemadden.comLinkShare
StickerGiant.comCommission Junction - stockmystore.netCommission Junction
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store.danskin.comCommission Junction Junction Junction Junction Junction
Stored Value - planetmastercard.comPerformics
streamload.comCommission Junction Auto Accessories - streetbeatcustoms.comCommission Junction
Submit Fire - submitfire.comCommission Junction
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SureFit - surefit.netLinkShare
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TACA.COMCommission Junction
Tai Chi for Busy People - 4minutefitness.comCommission Junction
Talk America - Junction
Tan Thru Suits - lifestylesdirect.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Tankless Water Heaters - tanklesswaterheaters.comCommission Junction
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The Accessory Store - store.kyocera-wireless.comCommission Junction
The Beer Machine - beermachine.comCommission Junction
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The Bombay Company - bombaycompany.comLinkShare
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The Grill Store & More - bbqguys.comCommission Junction
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The Kids Window - Junction
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The New York Pass - newyorkpass.comCommission Junction
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The San Francisco Music Box Company - sfmusicbox.comLinkShare
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The Sharper Image UK - Junction
The Space Store - thespacestore.comCommission Junction
The Sporting News - store.sportingnews.comCommission Junction
The Sports Authority - thesportsauthority.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
The Swiss Colony -
The Tan Shop - tanshop.comCommission Junction
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The Tire Rack - tirerack.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
The Travel Zone.Com - thetravelzone.comCommission Junction
The Wine Messenger - winemessenger.comLinkShare
The World of Golf - theworldofgolf.comLinkShare
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TheLadders - theladders.comCommission Junction
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Thomas Pink - Junction
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Thomson Holidays - Junction
Thrifty Rent-A-Car System - thrifty.comLinkShare
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Travelplanners - Junction - UK - travelselect.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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Tweeter - tweeter.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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U.S. Ski Team - shop.usskiteam.comCommission Junction
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UK DNA testing Centre - Junction
UKSubscribe.comCommission Junction
Ulead Systems - ulead.comCommission Junction
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ULTA.comCommission Junction
Ultra Hair Away - shavenomore.comCommission Junction
UncommonGoods - uncommongoods.comLinkShare
Undercovertourist.comCommission Junction
Underground Station - undergroundstation.comPerformics
Union Diamond - uniondiamond.comLinkShare
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United Online (NetZero) - Junction (BFAST)
Universal Star Council - yourstar.comOther / independent
universalgear.comCommission Junction
University of Phoenix - uophx.eduAftrk
Upper Deck Store - upperdeckstore.comPerformics
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VANS - shop.vans.comCommission Junction (BFAST) - Junction
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Vermont Country Store - vermontcountrystore.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
Vermont Teddy Bear - vermonteddybear.comLinkShare
Vertical Response Inc. - verticalresponse.comLinkShare
Veterans Advantage Inc. - veteransadvantage.comLinkShare
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Viansa - secure.viansa.comLinkShare
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Virility Health - virilityhealthstore.comCommission Junction
Virtual CD & ProGuard - virtualcd-online.comCommission Junction
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Vitality Medical - vitalitymedical.comCommission Junction
VitaminLab.comCommission Junction
Vivre - vivre.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
VolleyHut.comCommission Junction
Volunteer Travel - www.i-to-i.comCommission Junction
Wai Lana Yoga - wailana.comCommission Junction
Walker's Warehouse - walkerswarehouse.comLinkShare - walmart.comLinkShare
Walter Drake - wdrake.comCommission Junction
WatchZone.comCommission Junction
Wealth of Nations - Junction
Wearguard - wearguard.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
web-blinds.comCommission Junction
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Wellspring Online Video Sales - videocollection.comCommission Junction
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WesternWarehouse - westernwarehouse.comCommission Junction (BFAST) by Sheplers - sheplers.comCommission Junction
WetFeet - wetfeet.comCommission Junction
Where Christians Meet - wherechristiansmeet.comOther / independent
White Flower Farm - whiteflowerfarm.comPerformics
WhiteBrite.comOther / independent
wickedcoolstuff.comCommission Junction
Wickers Sportswear Inc. - wickers.comCommission Junction
Wicks End - wicksend.comLinkShare - Junction
WildGames - wildgames.comLinkShare - Junction
Willygoat Toyland - Junction
Win$ave - winsave.comLinkShare
Wind & Weather Online Catalog - windandweather.comCommission Junction
Wine Enthusiast - wineenthusiast.comPerformics
Winferno Software - winferno.comCommission Junction - www.winner.comCommission Junction
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Wired Plastic / First Vineyard - firstvineyard.comCommission Junction
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WolfCamera.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
WonderfullyWacky - wonderfullywacky.comCommission Junction
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Woolrich - woolrich.comPerformics
WordSmart - wordsmart.comCommission Junction
WorkTree.comCommission Junction
World Book Store - store.worldbook.comCommission Junction
WorldofWatches.comCommission Junction (BFAST)
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www.4wd.comCommission Junction - alwaysforme.comCommission Junction Junction - climatique.orgCommission Junction
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YOOX UK - Junction
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