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Advertisers Funding 180solutions - Ben Edelman

The thumbnails below show ads I received from 180solutions during testing of January 27-29, 2006

These thumbnails include only those advertisers mentioned in CDT's report (PDF) on advertisers funding 180solutions -- advertisers that failed to respond to CDT's inquiries regarding spyware policies, or that provided a deficient response.


[ Altrec | Club Med Americas | eHarmony | | | Netflix | NetZero | PeoplePC | PerfectMatch | ProFlowers | | uBid | Waterfront Media ]



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):

The presence of "180" in the Altrec ad URL reveals Altrec's specific knowledge that the traffic at issue is coming from 180solutions.



Traffic routed via ValueClick's MediaPlex

Ad redirect steps:[CACHEBUSTER]&kw=cruise&mpro=



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):

Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):

Note the "SRC=" parameter, specifically indicating' knowledge that traffic is coming from 180solutions. Note also the “KW=” parameter, specifically indicating greeetingcards' knowledge that traffic is arriving based on targeting of competitor

Despite's knowing use of 180solutions-delivered popups , and promise “no popup windows.”



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):

On, Lets Talk claims to be a reseller for Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other trusted brands. Lets Talk also claims certification or endorsement by Bizrate, BBB Online, c|net, and TRUSTe. These many respected affiliations make Lets Talk's use of 180solutions advertising particularly notable.



Traffic routed via Specificclick and aQuantive's Atlas DMT

Ad redirect steps:;509;642;4010;;1138508792159;href=;wi.728;hi.90/01/;wi.728;hi.90/01/



Traffic routed via Emarketmakers

Ad redirects steps:


People PC

Tracking via aQuantive's Atlas DMT

This ad reflects 180 loading a URL from its own server:

That web page includes two IFRAMEs – one loading a Atlas DMT tracking URL (seemingly to credit 180 for sending the traffic) and one loading the underlying People PC site (to show users relevant content).

<iframe height="2" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

It is not immediately apparent why 180 chose this implementation, but the net effect is consistent with other examples – that 180 shows ads for, and gets paid by, the specified advertiser.



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):;

Note the “REF=” parameter, specifically indicating proflowers' knowledge that traffic is coming from 180solutions. The final section of the REF parameter reveals ProFlowerse' knowledge that the traffic targets competitor

Traffic routed via aQuantive's Atlas DMT

Ad redirects steps:



Ad URL (direct, no leading redirects):;s=uwb93988


Waterfront Media / Agoramedia

Traffic routed via aQuantive's Atlas DMT

Ad redirect steps: