Full-Size Installation Screenshots
What Claria Doesn't Disclose (Any More) - Ben Edelman

All screenshots were captured in November 2005.

[ Initial Installation Solicitation | Installation Confirmation | Post-Installation Display of License Agreement ]


Initial Installation Solicitation

Claria's initial installation solicitation, showing screensavers and mentioning that they are "free," but not mentioning that they come from Claria, that they bundle pop-up ads, or that they track where users go online.


Installation Confirmation

Clicking on the "free sceensaver" ad above yields the installation screen below. In this screen, clicking "yes" once installs Claria software immediately, with no further opportunity to cancel.


Post-Installation Display of License Agreement

If a user presses "Yes" in the screen shown above, Claria proceeds with installation, which cannot be cancelled. Claria also then displays its license agreement, as shown below. But users have no opportunity to decline this license and reject installation of Claria software. Also, the colored background image makes Claria's license needlessly difficult to read. Compare with Claria's prior white background, which was far easier to read.