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When interpreting customer reservation system (CRS) results in Matthias Metzger's Availability Tool or in other services providing CRS inventory data (e.g. ITN.NET in "expert" mode), it is helpful to know which inventory letters represent which kinds of tickets on which airlines. For example, airlines differ as to which inventories reflect their frequent flier award seats and their upgrade seats. This site attempts to provide references to relevant threads.

The table below attempts to summarize inventory codes by airline. Please send suggestions to Ben Edelman. I've filled in only a couple columns to start with, but will add other airlines if interested readers send specific entries to fill in each box of the grid.

First (paid) F A P F A P F A P F      
Business (paid) J D I C D Z D J I J C Z      
Coach (paid) Y B H K L M N S V W Q O Y B M H K L Q V W U T S Y B M H Q K L U T Y B M H Q V L T K      
First (award) Z R XF R A      
Business (award) U O XC O D      
Coach (award) T N E XY N E W      
First (upgrade) A X R X NF V G Y->P, others->R      
Business (upgrade) C X R I NC X Z Y->Z , B,M->I      

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Last updated: July 10, 2006
Ben Edelman