eBay Partner Network (teaching materials) with Ian Larkin

Edelman, Benjamin, and Ian Larkin. “eBay Partner Network (A).” Harvard Business School Case 910-008, September 2009. (Revised March 2015.) (educator access at HBP. request a courtesy copy.)

eBay considers adjustments to the structure and rules of its affiliate marketing program, eBay Partner Network (ePN). In particular, eBay reevaluates affiliate compensation structure, the role of bonuses for especially productive affiliates, and the overall rationale for outsourcing online marketing efforts to independent affiliates. The case presents the history and development of ePN, ePN’s importance to eBay, and the mechanics of online affiliate marketing.


eBay Partner Network (B) – Supplement (HBP 910009)

eBay Partner Network (C) – Supplement (HBP 910012)

eBay Partner Network (D) – Supplement (HBP 914016)

Teaching Materials:

eBay Partner Network (A), (B), (C), and (D) – Teaching Note (HBP 910025)

eBay Partner Network – slide supplement (HBP 911039)

eBay Partner Network – slide supplement (widescreen) (HBP 914040)