Google Inc. in 2014 (teaching materials) with Thomas Eisenmann

Edelman, Benjamin, and Thomas R. Eisenmann. “Google Inc. in 2014.” Harvard Business School Case 915-004, September 2014. (Revised June 2017.).(educator access at HBP.)

Describes Google’s history, business model, governance structure, corporate culture, and processes for managing innovation. Reviews Google’s recent strategic initiatives and the threats they pose to selected competitors. Asks what Google should do next.


Google Inc. in 2014 (Abridged) – Case (HBP 915005)

Google Inc. in 2014 — Role Supplement – Supplement (HBP 915017)

Teaching Materials:

Google Inc. in 2014 and Google Inc. in 2014 (Abridged) – Teaching Note (HBP 915011)