Online Marketing at Big Skinny (teaching materials) with Scott Kominers

Edelman, Benjamin, and Scott Duke Kominers. “Online Marketing at Big Skinny.” Harvard Business School Case 911-033, February 2011. (Revised February 2012.) (educator access at HBP. request a courtesy copy.)

Describes a wallet maker’s application of seven Internet marketing technologies: display ads, algorithmic search, sponsored search, social media, interactive content, online distributors, and A/B testing. Provides concise introductions to the key features of each technology, and asks which forms of online marketing the company should prioritize in the future. Discusses similarities and differences between online and off-line marketing, as well as issues of marketing campaign evaluation.


Online Marketing at Big Skinny — slide supplement – PowerPoint Supplement (HBP 912006)

Teaching Materials:

Online Marketing at Big Skinny – Teaching Note (HBP 911034)