Apple in-app purchase litigation

I served as cocounsel in class action litigation challenging Apple charging users for purchases made by kids, refusing refunds to such users, and allowing purchases (and charging users’ credit cards) without users reentering their passwords to authorize the purchases.  In response, Apple agreed to grant refunds to customers who so requested.

In Re In-App Purchase Litigation, Case No. 5:11-CV-01758-EJD (N.D. Cal.)

Case docket including consolidated class action complaint

Yahoo syndication fraud litigation

I served as cocounsel in class action litigation challenging Yahoo placing advertisers’ advertisements in low-quality locations such as adware, popups, and typo squatting, while charging advertisers high prices predicated on search advertising.  After motion practice denying Yahoo’s motion to dismiss, Yahoo agreed to cease certain of the practices at issue and allow advertisers to exclude themselves from certain low-quality advertising placements.

In re: Yahoo Litigation, No. 06-2737-CAS (C.D. Cal.)

Case docket including consolidated second amended class action complaint and settlement agreement

Benjamin Edelman v. N2H2, Inc.

I sought to research and document sites categorized and restricted by Internet blocking program N2H2. N2H2’s block site list is protected by technical measures including an encryption system, but I sought to write software that would nonetheless allow me to access, analyze, and report its contents. However, I feared that conducting this work might expose me to liability for violation of the N2H2 License, of the Copyright Act of 1976, and of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as for misappropriation of N2H2’s trade secrets. With representation by the ACLU, I therefore sought from federal court a declaratory judgement that I could conduct this research and publication without fear of liability.

Case details including litigation documents